Hilary Benn on Binyam Mohamed

This was quite a big deal for me, quite a while ago now. The Rt. Hon. Hilary Benn was none too pleased with my style. I stand by it, I wouldn’t be so forthright in every interview but I thought it was essential when discussing this issue. Why did I raise it with the Secretary of State for Agriculture and Rural Affairs? No-one else had raised it with any member of the cabinet, certainly not in the same amount of depth. I only wish I’d confirmed the interview earlier than on the morning of it … I would have loved to have had some notes and done more research than merely reading the newspapers every day.

See some of the critical acclaim it received below:

Here it is on Iain Dale’s Diary. This was where the interview first broke (apart from on my radio show on University Radio York).

It consequently was posted by The Yorkshire Post.

Most excitingly, I was invited on the BBC Daily Politics show to discuss ‘the art of the political interview’. However, this was on the same day as the sad death of David Cameron’s son and the last half hour of the show, in which I was due to appear, was rightly, respectfully cancelled.

I’ll post the montage they made shortly. My interview was in the same 5 minute clip as Paxman and Robin Day. 🙂


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