I’m sorry, what?

I’m trying to decide who to vote for in the upcoming European elections. Accordingly, I’ve been watching the party election broadcasts.

I was astonished to see this boob in the Conservative one – which covers the CameronDirect town-hall meetings being held across the country.

1min30 in someone stands up and asks DC, “would you raise university fees?” to which he responds

“I’ll give it to you straight: the tuition fees, the top up fees will stay. We won’t be getting rid of them.”

Eh? That wasn’t a straight answer, that was a dodge. See for yourself:


2 Responses to “I’m sorry, what?”

  1. Tim W Says:

    Perhaps that was their best clip of him talking to a young person? Still, doesn’t bode well if he thinks that’s being ‘straight’.

    I don’t like the camera regularly zooming in and out on one person, either. Suppose that’s a bit less important…

  2. Charles H Says:

    So how much do you think the next generation of students will be paying a year? We’ll end up with the American system if we’re not careful.

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