BNP exposure: important scrutiny or undue publicity?

Think back to school chemistry lessons (bear with me). One experiment was to light a splint and push into into a test-tube of pure oxygen. It burned brightly but burned out Рthere was only so much fuel. There is no mass appetite for racism in Britain, just disaffection with our present policy-makers. We need to show that the BNP would be no better, they are shallow and opportunistic, they are hopelessly simple.

Best Not Publicise?

Best Not Publicise?

When the BNP are brought up by politicos, the term ‘the oxygen of publicity’ is used. Media exposure would undoubtedly make the BNP more visible (as would EU funding if they gain a European seat) but we should hightlight the BNP’s caustic mix of idiocy and aggression –¬†¬†and on more important issues than ‘race’.

See, I would say a racist in someone who believes that race exists, a wholly constructed term that arose from the need to justify subjugation. Please, do read Barbara Field’s paper Slavery, Race and Ideology in the United States of America¬Ļ. It changed my life and outlook on the world and will do the same for you. Allowing the BNP to give their stock answers on pseudo-scientific cobblers (it is their raison d’√™tre) doesn’t prove anything. Questioning them on the issues people care about does.

The BNP aren’t challenged, not really. ‘Hard-hitting’ interviews with Nick Griffin always seem to miss the mark¬≤. This was true on Newsnight and just as the BBC Daily Politics’ Andrew Neil started to tear Griffin apart, a foolishly imposed time limit meant the interview was cut short.

I just listened to Iain Dale¬≥¬†interview Simon Darby (the BNP’s Martin Bormann): it was a good effort. More than this, it was the right thing to do. His co-host, blogger Hopi Sen refused to take part because he thought the BNP would lie. If they are scrutinised more, surely this would be more easily exposed? Dale should be applauded for conducting a strong interview – I still await my opportunity to do the same (let’s just say the BNP press office don’t have a Goebbels as yet).

I would have been tougher – Darby is very good at distracting Dale (and the bizarrely technical Donal Blaney) – and lets him get away a few times. Dale is wonderfully opinionated but the magnitude of attacking the BNP leads him to constantly put his own views forward as a counterbalance. Let the listener shout at the radio instead!

Regardless, one interview cannot do much on its own. An interview cannot expose the technical ignorance of the BNP (Darby appears to put British prosperity solely down to North Sea Oil) and their racist aggression. Many interviews would.

One interview can be ignored, many cannot. As Hannah Arendt notes in The Origins of Totalitarianism, those attracted to movements like the BNP are often people without an interest in partisan politics or policy. They are disaffected people who society ignores and the economy fails to provide for. In short, they do not watch Newsnight and desire the identity granted by pseudo-scientific definitions of race.

It is up to our press, who have been so good in breaking down the issue of MP’s expenses so the public can understand the magnitude of some politician’s mendacity, to cover the BNP not snipe from the sidelines.

Did you know:

  • The BNP want to close all foreign (US) bases on UK soil –¬†jeopardising¬†Britain’s relationship with her closest ally, presumably because President Obama has darker skin than Nick Griffin?
  • The BNP are opposed to people from other countries saving British lives in the health service?
  • The BNP want to start a trade war with Europe? Tariffs are widely said to have turned the Wall Street Crash into the Great Depression.

This needs to be exposed. I don’t consider the BNP a threat, they’re not popular and never will be. BNP MEPs won’t be able to affect a change, fair play is ingrained the national psyche. Nonetheless, it is the job of the media to report on issues, however galling. I hope they’ll step up their coverage of the BNP as the present policy hasn’t worked. What do you think?

p.s. do have a look at Tim Montgomerie’s anti-BNP campaign. Far less shouty than many (not all) anti-BNP campaigns.

¬Ļ I’ve posted it up on but will happily take it down if I’m doing something wrong.

¬≤ If you hear one that’ll change my mind, let me know.

¬≥¬†Full disclosure: Mr Dale linked an interview of mine a while back. I’m exceptionally proud it happened and consequently consider his blog the zenith of the technological revolution!


7 Responses to “BNP exposure: important scrutiny or undue publicity?”

  1. Edmund Jerk Says:

    Aside from the racism, which is disgusting, according to Daniel Hannan, they’re also small ‘r’ republicans, a position which should be anathema to any true conservative.

    Nice blog.


  2. JS Says:


    Good blog. I found it via Dale.

    I read the Fields article but didn’t enjoy it because it promotes her own polemic over science. Research into the names of the “biologists and geneticists” she cites (Gould, Lewontin et al) shows them to be not commonplace but very controversial.

    There may well be no such thing as ‘race’, since all humans are capable of interbreeding we are all part of the species of homo sapiens – are ‘race’ and ‘species’ interchangeable terms? If so, we would probably need to find a new word to describe the differences between people. If two tall brown people mate then they will quite likely create a new tall brown person. My own chances of being born tall and brown were infinitesimally small, being as I am the product of two medium-sized fair-skinned people. Notice I am using simple adjectives of colour to avoid perpetuating the hegemonic paradigm of race! (For which credit Fields I suppose.)

    I’m sure that’s not what Fields was trying to say but she hardly does credit to the science of heredity. To acknowledge it would make it easier for the reader to separate her own logical position from her political agenda.

    Not sure if I’ve made sense here. Thanks for the link.


  3. Gary Osborne Says:

    As I’m a BNP member, I feel I should reply to your blog. To start with, I’ll give you a small account of who I am and why I support them.
    I was born in Canada, and my parents were English and Cree Indian. I was brought to England in the 60’s. I have served in the military and was in Northern Ireland and the Falklands and suffered horrific injuries during those times.
    I now consider myself English, and feel I have earned that right.
    Now, may I suggest a book for you to read. It’s called “Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee” and written by Dee Brown. It’s gripping stuff. The Times comment is “Calculated to make the head pound, the heart ache and the blood boil”
    Now, in England, you can see history repeating itself but on a parallel. The indigenous people of this country are being treated like second hand citizens. We are strangers in our own land. The country is overpopulated and we’re running out of places to build. The older generation are living by hand to mouth and barely surviving the winters. This country doesn’t belong to us anymore, and society has gone to the dogs. Where is the community spirit? Why don’t people integrate anymore? Where are the famous English values? How long will it be, when we are the minority, and we are forced to live in special areas like my ancestors did, and still do. Maybe you will laugh at the last comment, but it is possible that will happen in the fuyure.
    I love this country and nearly paid with my life. This beautiful land is being eaten up from within and soon there will be nothing left of it, or us.
    I’m not a Christian, as I follow the beliefs of my own people, but you won’t see me on the streets, screaming death threats and abuse at soldiers or anyone else for that matter.
    I also don’t want to become a slave to the bureaucrats in Brussels, and become a citizen of the Federal State of Europe.
    I live in England for heavens sake, and want this country to rediscover its itidentity, and become the Nation it once was.
    God bless this country.

    • Joshua Chambers Says:

      I don’t normally reply to comments, I think I’ve got enough power over this site as it is but just this once I will, Mr Osborne. I’ll set out a clearer comment policy as I go but although I support free speech, I don’t want this site to become inundated by BNP commentators.

      I’m not sure what England you think ‘we’ need to go back to. Is that the England where women couldn’t vote? The England without a National Health Service? Or possibly, just an England where you don’t see so many non-white faces. I can’t see how the BNP will help people integrate and I know that the BNP don’t embody ‘English values’ – this country has built its prosperity upon free trade and a mixed population. You’ve listed a whole bunch of different, unrelated and mostly unproven ideas to back up your membership but it just reads as confusion to me. I’ll not reply again as I don’t want to discourage comment but how would non-BNP readers reply?

  4. Gary Osborne Says:

    I didn’t expect a reply, so fair play to you. However, I think you are pontificating. The argument you come back with is a tad short of being pedantic. I am referring to the British values that made other countries jealous of us.
    As for the comment about non white faces, I am one of those non whites, so I’d like to hear your reply to that one.
    This country has a history that no other nation can hold a light to,and has prospered over the centuries, but you have to concede that it wasn’t all free trade. There are plenty of nations that were pillaged by the English over time.
    May I suggest you go back to the BNP manifesto and read it properly, Maybe you will understand it better when you interpret it, rather than put your spin on it.
    On a personal note, may I say that I am not in the custom of replying to links such as this, but I am fed up of being termed as a knuckle dragging thug, a fascist, a nazi and a lot of other things. That doesn’t include the death threats by the way
    If the BNP were a bunch of racist thugs, then how is it a legal democratic party?
    Some of the other things I said are not proven as you quite rightly pointed out, but they are a personal overview of what I have seen and think may happen here in the future.
    Many thanks for your reply and I understand you not wanting to talk to a BNP commentator, which I am not by the way. I am a humble man who happens to believe in this country
    Gary Osborne

  5. JS Says:

    I agree with Joshua and would add more.

    The BNP is a nationalist-statist party. Britain’s prosperity is based on free trade. Also Gary, I expect Joshua was too polite to say that your non-whiteness is irrelevant.

    Gary, you say that “The indigenous people of this country are being treated like second hand citizens”. I have some sympathy with that view but would argue that this is the result of an overbearing and arrogant Labour Party which has forgotten why it exists. The BNP would turn us all into “third-hand citizens” because they would tax us to an unprecedented level to finance their loony renationalisation plans.


  6. Joshua Chambers’ Political Review Says:

    […] thought for some time that Nick Griffin must be taken on publicly. His fallacies are easily exposed, although I think […]

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