Political Review … in 6 minutes flat

Dear reader,

Thanks. I’ve only been doing this for about two weeks but the blog’s going great! The site’s getting about 400 hits a day, boosted of course by links from Iain Dale and my occasional blog-spamming fits. Add me to your blog-roll or bookmark this page!

As part of the blog, I want to include as much audio content as possible – including pre-prepared podcasts and recordings of live broadcasts – as well as my scribblings of course. Get your political fix here.

Today, I was asked at rather (read very) short notice to come on URY Lunch presented by the formidable Harriet Jennings. I talked about the European elections, gave my thoughts on the BNP victories and discussed Gordon Brown’s future just before the PLP meeting, albeit in a very estuary way. Here’s my political review of the week, I’ll note that my prediction on Brown’s future was proven wrong, for now.

p.s. Apathy in the UK? Here’s a bonus clip showing someone who didn’t vote because they didn’t think it was important.

I suspect the attitude of many, whether right or wrong, is c’est la vie, life goes on – especially in a recession.

UPDATE 9th June: If you’re looking for someone to tell you about Brown’s future in under 1 minute, check out Paul Waugh’s expert sifting, and to answer why he has one, read Bagehot’s notebook.


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