Angela Watkinson MP’s Tax Accountant

I’ve been trawling through the expenses of my MP, Angela Watkinson. MPs had the option to go through expenses and edit them before publication. Here, it would appear the Hon. Member for Upminster claimed for a “tax accountant” but this has been crossed through. Has it been paid back again? Update: This means it was blocked by the fees office.

Alistair Darling got into trouble for claiming for an accountant but notably, Watkinson’s  £250.00 claim is smaller than his claim of £1,400.

Angela Watkinson Tax accountant


3 Responses to “Angela Watkinson MP’s Tax Accountant”

  1. Tim Wallace Says:

    I think that means it was disallowed by the fees office, rather than successfully claimed and then repaid.

    Maybe you should write to her through ?

  2. Paul Middleton Says:

    What about all the other expenses – the taxi’s, 2nd home, fares, stationary etc,?

    Or is this it?

    The period states from Oct 06 – is this supposed to cover a full year? Or a month? (week?)

    • Joshua Chambers Says:

      This is the problem with the publication of the expenses. There’s no receipt for this claim, presumably because it wasn’t allowed. All the forms are monthly, although it’s likely this claim was for a year’s worth of accountancy.

      There are other claims: taxis, second home and stationary, but they do not appear excessive. Clicking on Angela Watkinson will take you to the publication of them, why not have a look? The problem again is that there is not enough detail on the receipts in most cases. I would suggest that occasional taxi fares and stationary costs are perfectly reasonable, although the second home may be an issue to her Upminster constituents.

      Watkinson lives in outer-London, many of her constituents commute, but she has a second home. You can see the claims on the house listed but because the address is censored there is no proof that it was the same house throughout the last 4 years. The mortgage is £999.80 a month. You cannot tell which other bills relate to that residence and which to her main home.

      Watkinson spoke in Parliament about her dislike of commuting from her outer-London constituency to Parliament, “the presumption that outer London Members can commute is simply wrong.” She also describes the second home as “an ex-Westminster council flat in a rather unlovely 1960s concrete block”. See here for the appropriate section of Hansard:

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