Do read this, but also read…

Busy day today. I’m following David Davis’s movements on torture very closely, on which The Guardian have excellent coverage and commentary.

The Prime Minister is in Italy for the G8 talks. Also there is Sarah Brown, surely the PM’s greatest asset in these capricious political times. She’s turned her PR antennae to blogging on Team Brown’s efforts at the summit, see it here.

I did plan a Parliamentary Sketch for PMQs, not realising that Ms Harman and Mr Hague would be manning (sorry Hattie) the fort. I’ll write it up some time soon anyhow. It was on ‘Angry Dave’: the Tory leader’s attempted channelling of public anger at politicians and also some recent political commentary on the Conservative leader.

“Curl up and Dye. A terrible name for a hairdressers, a horrible sentiment when said aloud. But I can imagine that nice, clean cut chap with good suits, a pretty wife and a windmill on his roof shouting it at his opposite number at PMQs. The problem is, Dave Cameron does get jolly angry …”

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