So it’s nearly the Parliamentary Recess, Mr Clegg, and one question remains

Will Nick Clegg be taking a break? Mr Clegg called for the recess to be cancelled to allow political reform. Will he be manning the green benches alone this summer, making speeches to himself?

The Liberal Democrat leader has had a strong few months, making a stand on issues he believes in and is knowledgeable about: the Gurkhas, Afghanistan, Trident renewal. For the most part, he has looked a ‘conviction politician’ (that ever popular buzz phrase) and is making the party more than just the Vince Cable Supporters Club. But his call, not so long ago, for the recess to be cancelled shows that sometimes he gets carried away and in his desperation to garner media coverage is a little rash in his statements.

It’s as though he’s torn between Conciliatory Clegg, Conviction Clegg and Keen for Coverage Clegg. Lib Dems will hope that he’ll concentrate on being the former two, and allow his other side to be toned down. Otherwise, Mr Clegg may become calamitous, as his rival Chris Huhne once allegedly remarked. And Mr Huhne is undoubtedly still keen for a shot at the top: almost every photo of Mr Clegg and Mrs Lumley after their parliamentary defeat of Gordon Brown on the Gurkhas’ right to residency showed Huhne jostling for position just behind.

From here

From the back ...

To centre stage

To centre stage


One Response to “So it’s nearly the Parliamentary Recess, Mr Clegg, and one question remains”

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