Denis MacShane MP intimated that Aspergers Syndrome was ‘a ruse’?

Oh dear. Last Wednesday (15th) there was a debate in the Commons on the 2003 Extradition Treaty. It sounds dry but it affects the case of Gary McKinnon and is stirring public sentiment. Many MPs have spoken out in favour of McKinnon, yet many of these didn’t turn up to debate his case. The Daily Mail, who are running a slightly sophomoric campaign for McKinnon, haven’t treated these MPs kindly. Denis MacShane has now set himself against the Mail by giving his informed opinions on the topic. Unfortunately (for him), he also allowed his uninformed opinion on Mr McKinnon’s Aspergers Syndrome to slip out, and opened himself up to attack.

Guardian columnist Marina Hyde has written that ‘lowlights of the afternoon, they would include Rotherham MP Denis MacShane intimating that McKinnon’s late diagnosis of Asperger’s was a ruse.’ She goes on toĀ vehemently attack Mr MacShane for his comment. Take a look at this from Hansard:

Mr. David Burrowes (Enfield, Southgate) (Con):Ā …Ā Regrettably, those who do not fit in with the systemā€”those who are vulnerable or mentally ill, or who have special needsā€”often cannot get justice, although they deserve it as much as anyone else.

The Home Secretary talked about safeguards. Those safeguards are plainly not in place. Whether we are dealing with one case or a number of cases, and whether we call them high profile or low profile, there needs to be justice and appropriate safeguards for all. That was not the case for Gary McKinnon, who was diagnosed late with Aspergerā€™s syndrome, and it is not the case for anyone else like him who has symptoms of compulsive behaviour, not communicating well, and not seeking to make the case for themselves.

Mr. MacShane: The hon. Gentleman is making a moving plea on his constituentā€™s behalf. He says that his constituent was diagnosed late; when was that diagnosis made?

Mr. Burrowes: It was made in August 2008 …
Mr MacShane later continues

Mr. MacShane: One paradox of the debate is that many of those who have spoken are convinced pro-Europeans, and part of the debate is about the application of international rule of law. Mr Burrowes made for his constituent a very moving and compelling plea that does him and the cause honour. The hon. Gentleman said that he spent many years as a solicitor practising in criminal law, and were I ever to find myself in trouble I should be delighted, after that excellent speech, to have him defend me.

However, I was slightly alarmed when I heard that the gentlemanā€”who is not mentioned in the motion but about whom we are talking and the Daily Mail is campaigningā€”was diagnosed with his distressing condition only last year. One gets a slight hint of the famous Ernest SaundersĀ defence: he said that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s to get off a criminal prosecution, but the moment that he was out of court, he somehow skipped off and his memory came back with marvellous vigour.

I can’t help think that this was a spectacular misjudgement by Mr MacShane. He made strong arguments in favour of the extradition treaty and for further internationalĀ co-operationĀ in criminal prosecutions:

1) the treaty allowed two British citizens to be extradited to the UK to face prosecution recently

2) the same is true in Europe thanks to greater co-operation

3) these treaties have been used to see terrorists face prosecution

4) it is unlikely Mr McKinnon will spend 60 years in jail

5) opposition sends an insulting and arrogant message to America.

These will now be ignored. The debate on the treaty is shaped in terms of the hapless Mr McKinnon fighting an ‘imperial’ US (in the words of Chris Huhne) and the hopeless Home Secretary – who noted a little too freely that he is ‘not a lawyer’ but ‘a hack politician, I go by the advice I get’.

MacShane entered the fray and thus the court of public opinion. As he noted, if he was facing trial he would want to be defended by the moving reasoning of David Burrowes. He’s facing a trial by media now and emotional intelligence is important. Burrowes and the Conservatives are campaigning on a popular issue. If Mr MacShane wants to argue against them, he should steer clear of speculation.


One Response to “Denis MacShane MP intimated that Aspergers Syndrome was ‘a ruse’?”

  1. Death Says:

    Obvious to the fact that MacShane can’t tell the difference between Toffee from Fudge!!! More like MacShame!!!

    I have Asperger’s and to hear about McKinnon, who bears the same Syndrome as myself, being extradited to the US just sickens me even more!!!
    If Gordon Brown could shift the whole situation in favour of McKinnon then fine but he’s not doing anything right at all!!!
    Clearly no one wants to help him except the National Autistic Society.

    If I could become a Polititian I would help him and stand by my decision and NOT betray him because it’s only fair that he should be helped the same way!!!

    MacShame should just walk away and stay quiet about this because he doesn’t know anything about Asperger’s!!! I do because I have the Syndrome!!! ‘Nuff said!!!

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