Swine flu at the Norwich by-election – an end to canvassing?

The BBC is reporting that the Labour candidate, Chris Ostrowski, has been hospitalised with suspected swine flu. Get well soon Chris.

Presumably, Labour canvassing will now have to end? Lord Mandelson cancelled his visit to the seat because party workers have been in contact with Mr Ostrowski. Surely, party workers won’t then be allowed to come into contact with members of the public?

The same may be true of the other candidates. Mr Ostrowski debated with them last night, he will most likely have shaken hands and exchanged words with them.

Lord Mandelson is sending a message that all those who have been in contact with Ostrowski should be avoided. Is this an official line? Will canvassing at Norwich North end early?

UPDATE July 21: I see from the Norfolk Blogger that Mr Ostrowski is apparently ‘recovering well at home‘. Good news.

UPDATE July 22: Lord Mandelson has stayed away. So too has Gordon Brown, who refused to comment (12.2pm) on the byelection at his monthly press conference today.

Yet Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Minister, is there today:


is campaigning in Norwich21 minutes ago from mobile web

David Cameron and George Osbourne will be there tomorrow from 5.30am.


4 Responses to “Swine flu at the Norwich by-election – an end to canvassing?”

  1. Nich Starling - Norfolk Blogger Says:

    It was only what Anglia News were saying. They tend to be better than BBC East at getting the news right.

  2. Patricia Liddle Says:

    I am disgusted that Lord Mandelson cancelled his visit/meeting with party members of the Norwich By Election because they had been in contact with the Labour Candidate who has suspected swine flu. Typical of this Government, they tell the public it is alright to go out and mix with people, and work with people whose families have got this illness, but a member of their party i.e. Lord Mandelson wouldn’t meet the party members who had been in contact with the candidate. He obviously didn’t want to put his life and health at risk so why should the British Public. Obviously the Government are hiding something about this illness.

  3. Joshua Chambers Says:

    I don’t think the government is hiding anything, the situation at Norwich was just a little confused.

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