… the Lockerbie story is a big story but does not have longevity (pt 3)

The development of this story appears to be over. Therefore all that remains is mopping up – reporting on what has happened over the last two weeks with the Prime Minister’s statement as the final development. The damage caused to the PM begs the question why didn’t he say something earlier?

So, to conclude: I can’t see how coverage can continue for much longer on this issue. Menzies Campell did ask an interesting question on BBC News yesterday (video below): what made Jack Straw change his mind? In his letters he first wanted to exclude Megrahi then suddenly didn’t. However, I’m not sure what keeping asking these questions will prove and without proof, sadly, nothing else will emerge.

I also think Afghanistan will re-emerge as the predominant political issue and the elections will start to garner more and more coverage. The United States consider Afghanistan to be a long term commitment. An Obama adviser sees these elections as the “last chance to resolve the conflict.” Does the UK, and do we agree that democratic governance is vital to ensuring the security of Afghanistan and preventing terrorism?

Of course, I cannot absolutely predict the news. Other issues will come up, but unless something new emerges and I see no reason for it to, the Lockerbie story won’t warrant extensive continued coverage and certainly won’t see an inquiry set up.

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