Big news story this evening? Afghanistan.

I turned on the television this evening and saw the news that the PPS to the Secretary of State for Defence, Eric Joyce, has resigned on the eve of the Prime Minister’s speech on Afghanistan. This pitches the failed elections back into the spotlight and begs the question, “how do we define success in Afghanistan?”

This also goes to show that you should read JCPR as much as possible. Read over the last few posts, yesterday I said that the Afghanistan elections were the big story of the moment. Also notice, despite the BBC 10 o’clock news saying yesterday that the Lockerbie story had “deepened”, coverage has declined.

UPDATE September 5: Today’s Daily Telegraph has an interview with Jack Straw where he “admits [the] Lockerbie bomber’s release was linked to oil”. So coverage hasn’t disappeared then, this perhaps still does have the potential to embarrass the PM. In the video posted in the post before last, Menzies Campbell questioned Jack Straw’s role in this affair, it appears he was right to do so.


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