Four articles worth a gander (and a video)

This might be the last place you see good ol' Futura

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This week’s trawl starts with articles that don’t sound like they’re interesting but really are worth a read. Trust me, you’ll like them – and besides, this week has been a tough one so I thought I’d aim for supplement style pieces. The other two are not only interesting background info from the US and the UK but are interesting pieces in their own right (and are politics based).

1. Today’s Global New York Times front page had an article centre stage about how Ikea have changed the font in their catalogues. It sounds dull, but they’ve changed from a really beautiful, slender typeface called Futura to boring old Verdana, so the catalogue looks like any old word document (or blog).

2. But fear not, blog readers. I was reminded of this article on Slate magazine some time ago (it’s a website so “on” is applicable), apparently new software means that blogs and websites will soon be able to display unique fonts instead of all being in Verdana.

3. Phillipe Sands is a man to watch – he’s a lawyer leading the charge against US torture programmes. So his review (perhaps “panning” is more appropriate) of a book by General Richard Meyers, the man who was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when torture was approved, is well worth a read.

4. Given that green Tory Zac Goldsmith, the Conservatives’ environmentalist in chief, today claimed that he is “too rich to be corruptable” I thought this piece in Prospect magazine about his relationship with David Cameron and future prospects would be of interest.

That’s it for this week, although if you’re keen to find out more about Sands, read his piece for Vanity Fair last year, or this short update from the New Yorker earlier in the year. And just before I go, I’ll just tell you of a news story that may have passed you by: Lesbians are now permitted to be named on birth certificates; Nadine Dorries MP disapproves (“kids need dads”).

PS. Guido has shared this great video about a water bottle that can almost instantly purify water, which will be of undoubted use in the developing world:


One Response to “Four articles worth a gander (and a video)”

  1. davide Says:

    Nice to see you see the power of fonts. The technology for downloadable fonts has been around forever. Legal issues have been holding it up more than anything else.

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