New evidence means the Megrahi scandal will also continue in the UK

I thought the scandal would continue in the US but without further evidence, would decline in the UK. New evidence has emerged in the Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph. None of the previous pieces of evidence meant much on their own, but when the letters, minutes, interviews, and new revelations have been collated a picture emerges of something sinister. Andrew Neil asked in a blog post the other day whether this was a correlation or indicated causation. In his post he did note that “there is still no clear evidence that it struck an explicit trade-for-terrorism deal with Tripoli whereas it is clear that in its dealings with the Libyan dictatorship it regularly said that the release of the Lockerbie bomber was ultimately a matter for the Scottish executive in Edinburgh.” However, he concluded that “neutral observers might already have come to two initial conclusions: the Scottish government’s decision to return al Megrahi might not have been quite as principled as it has made out; and the British government was not quite as neutral (or disinterested) in the decision as it has made out.”

These new revelations need to be answered for, another statement surely will have to be made. The argument for an independent inquiry also grows stronger.

PS. Practice what you preach and all that, here’s the latest from the Afghan elections: Karzai has extended his poll lead with three quarters of the polls counted. Would a win be enough to make him or democratic government be viewed as legitimate? I doubt it, but the UK and the US need someone to deal with.


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