GAFFE ALERT: Perhaps Mr Clegg should read his own press releases

The Lib Dems issued a press release today from their Business spokesman, John Thurso. In it, he rails against automated telephone messages … just like those Nick Clegg tried to use last year. Embarrassingly, they were told to stop them by the Information Commissioners Office.

Thurso says in the release:

“Customers should be able to speak to a human, not an automated message.”

“When they have a problem or an enquiry about a service they have paid for, it is reasonable that they should be able to talk to a person and not a machine about it.”

Does Thurso think that includes his own party’s telephone calls – which at the time the Lib Dems justified as being for “genuine market research purposes”?

Perhaps not, given that Thurso’s press release echoes what Deputy Information Commissioner told his party just last year: “Many people find unsolicited automated calls particularly intrusive and annoying so it is important that any organisation making such calls ensures that individuals have given their consent before they are targeted.”

Bearing that in mind, this last quote from Thurso becomes suddenly quite amusing:

“Customers must have the power to make fair and informed choices without the fear of being taken for a ride and bewildered by mindless bureaucracy.” Unless it’s the Liberal Democrats, that is ….

hat-tip: Patrick Casey for pointing it out


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