Some good news for “bellowing” Gordon Brown

The Prime Minister has been fêted once again by the international community,  this time being named 74th most important global thinker by Foreign Policy magazine.

74th is hardly number 1, or even top 10, but he’s the top European leader (unless you count the Pope). Better still for him, they praise him for “his leadership during the financial crisis” and brand him as “one of the world’s most courageous leaders”. Mr Brown is constantly keen to trumpet himself as courageous and it is suggested that he fancies himself as Churchillian in his actions following throughout the credit crunch.  It certainly must be reassuring for him to read something that doesn’t tear him apart everyone once in a while.

However, it’s not all good news for the PM. Foreign Policy also notes that “Brown will very likely not be prime minister of Britain for much longer. The Labour Party will almost certainly suffer ignominious defeat in a national election sometime by mid-2010. The prime minister, who as chancellor of the exchequer under Prime Minister Tony Blair oversaw the inflation of massive housing and financial bubbles, will be known by his caricature in the British press, as a paranoid, bellowing, and incompetent leader.”

Churchill may have lost an election despite doing great service to the British people, but no-one deemed him bellowing let alone incompetent. This article gives an insight into the write-ups Mr Brown will receive once he leaves office (I’m not writing off the election though).

Against his old rival Tony Blair, Brown may have the last laugh. Mr Brown is noted for an appalling public image but a legacy of doing the right thing during the financial crisis (that he didn’t do enough to prevent). Mr Blair had a good public image but his most notable action was the Iraq war – which as the Chilcot Inquiry is showing, will be remembered as a textbook example of how not to do foreign policy.


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