Tory doublethink on class

Class is not an issue, so say the Conservatives. Britain doesn’t care about class anymore, OK?

This is why the Tories are trying to highlight that Labour are using class as an issue and are saying it will be a big issue at the upcoming election. [Not only was Eric Pickles discussing it with John Prescott on Today, but the Daily Politics will have Justine Greening drawing attention to something that is totally not an issue.] They don’t think class is important, but they want us to know that Labour think class is important and that they’re wrong to.

Why not just ignore attacks on Tory privilege? Because the Tories obviously think that class is an issue, but if they attack Labour for highlighting it they’ll neutralise the issue. So class isn’t an issue, the issue is Labour making an issue out of class, which is totally not what you’d expect from the Labour party. OK?


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