Why the delay?

How long does it take to release a statement supporting your party leader? Here’s one I made earlier, it’s taken me two minutes to plan and write:

I fully endorse Gordon Brown as Labour leader and Prime Minister. He remains the best person for the job. This bizarre attack unnecessarily harms our party and our leader, who has shown time and again that he has the judgement and the gravitas to lead the country.

Short and to the point. Yet Alan Johnson, David Miliband, Ed Miliband, Jack Straw, and Harriet Harman (others too?) have so far failed to put out something similar. Why? If you back your party leader, surely you should seize on an opportunity to declare your support?

In an era of lightening fast communications, it should be no problem to immediately rebut this challenge on the Prime Minister. Those who haven’t put out statements are evidently waiting to see what will happen. Thus, Gordon Brown is being severely weakened every minute that a colleague fails to respond, and the more hours it takes, the less they support him.


2 Responses to “Why the delay?”

  1. An One Mouse Says:

    Perhaps they think a statement of support would harm their chances of taking over the leadership when someone does decide to make a challenge?

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