Maude vs the Civil Service – Fast Stream reform

Recently, I obtained a letter to civil servants that outlined some internal discussions in Whitehall over how the civil service should look in the future – in particular, how it trains the next generation of mandarins. Maude wants to radically reform the Fast Stream graduate programme, but his ideas aren’t universally popular amongst senior civil servants, who are concerned by some of the practical implications of his plans.

Thinking more about the topic, I decided it was ripe for an expansive feature. I examined each of Maude’s proposals in turn (set out in the letter) and sought comment and comparison from HR experts, private companies, and of course, civil servants. I also spoke to the chief executive of HMRC, Lin Homer, who is leading the reform efforts. She explained the ongoing discussions, and the compromise plans that are being examined. My pieces were sent to all civil service Fast Streamers to give them the full low-down, which I was rather chuffed by.

Finally, I caught up with Maude a couple of weeks ago, and he set out his new thinking on how the scheme should operate.


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