Why I blog

In explaining why I write this, there is no mutually exclusive reason or purpose. There is no absolute ideology behind this blog, no great idea that I want to persuade each and every person of its merit. I have quite a simple aim: to discuss politics and to make others want to also.

I am aware that there are hundreds of blogs and that many have hundreds of times the amount of readers that I have. It has never been my aim to beat them in the number of readers nor in the variety of my postings. I write what comes to mind, when I have the time. Sometimes, I have to time to think more about a topic, and sometimes I have more time in which to write. This is reflected in the frequency and quality of my postings. There is some dross here on the site, I wish I could delete it but I’m afraid that is not the nature of blogging.

I always want my postings to have a point – as all writing should. That may be an argument, an idea, or an interesting snippet of information that may otherwise be missed. I have my ups and downs but I can only try my best at this.

It’s easy for a blog to become white noise or an irritating drone on the outskirts of the internet. I would rather not blog than fill space. Sometimes, however, I do, but mostly I promise not to.

So when you cast around the site, click on the links. I try to make them link to the most informative update or an illuminating article I have found.  Do write in the comments because I read them and sometimes like to respond. And click on the blog roll, because this blog doesn’t quite fit into the neatly categorized blogosphere and you may have found yourself here by mistake. Never fear, there’s a variety of sites on the right of the page that may make you feel more comfortable again.

Have a nice day,



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