Angela Watkinson MP’s Tax Accountant

I’ve been trawling through the expenses of my MP, Angela Watkinson. MPs had the option to go through expenses and edit them before publication. Here, it would appear the Hon. Member for Upminster claimed for a “tax accountant” but this has been crossed through. Has it been paid back again? Update: This means it was blocked by the fees office.

Alistair Darling got into trouble for claiming for an accountant but notably, Watkinson’s  £250.00 claim is smaller than his claim of £1,400. Read the rest of this entry »


Expenses! David Davis’s pearls of wisdom

I spoke to David Davis, former shadow home secretary today. We are setting up an interview in the next few weeks – should be good.

In the course of conversation, I asked him about expenses (the Telegraph reported he claimed £5,700 to refurbish his portico). He clarified that actually the cash was for “a big door”. Then he said something that I found really interesting.

“Frankly, I’m just bored of talking about expenses.”

Struck me as an interesting remark. I wouldn’t make too much of it, certainly not before I get to chat to him for longer, anyhow!

UPDATE 23rd May: I have just read a post by Dizzy Thinks, courtesy of a link from Comment Central. I think it puts Davis’s big door on right side of a ‘necessary/unnecessary’ claim dichotomy. After all, I believe the old one was rotten.